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Introducing the Private Investigation Agency

With over 50 years’ experience in Private Investigating, Process Server, and Debt Collection Services serving summonses, divorce petitions, custody papers, subpoenas and other documents, we can get it done quickly and professionally, with flat rates. We can track them down, should they attempt to avoid service.


For the best in process serving and debt collection MGM Investigations today.

MGM Investigation

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Offering Complete Range of Investigative Services

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Debt Collection

Based in SA, but operating Australia wide, MGM Investigations provides professional debt collection services that can assist you in resolving your issues quickly.

Domestic Investigation

Process Serving

MGM Investigations is the most prominent private investigation solution delivering end-to-end process serving procedures for their clients.

Domestic Investigation

Private Investigation

Protect the privacy of the clients by choosing the leading and licensed private investigation services in Adelaide,

Domestic Investigation

Skip Tracing

Find the most authentic private investigation agency of MGM Investigations furnishing their exclusive services of Skip Tracing in Australia

Domestic Investigation


Are you thinking that someone is listening to your conversations? Do you suspect that your home or business is bugged? Come to the specialized services of Debugging in Adelaide only with the professional private investigative agency of MGM Investigations.

Domestic Investigation

Field Calls

Are you intending to hire professional private investigative services to demand payment, or confirm an address?

Our Agency has been Trusted by Thousands of clients over many years

You can trust MGM Investigations to get the job done with stealth, discretion and competence.

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Best Private Investigators

When you need proof and evidence to back up your claims before moving ahead, MGM Investigations can help you find it. Our private investigation experts are highly experienced with various types of cases.

We understand that each individual case requires its own unique approach. We also understand that in cases where private investigators are required, emotions run high and so do the stakes. Be confident that if it can be done, our investigators can do it.

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