About MGM Investigation

When you need proof and evidence to back up your claims before moving ahead, MGM Investigations can help you find it. Our private investigation experts are highly experienced with various types of cases.

We understand that each individual case requires its own unique approach. We also understand that in cases where private investigators are required, emotions run high and so do the stakes. Be confident that if it can be done, our investigators can do it.

MGM Investigation
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Types of investigation

MGM Investigations specialises in private investigation services for everything from the home to the corporate boardroom.

Our range of specialised services includes:

Privacy and Discretion

At MGM Investigations your privacy is paramount. The integrity of our team of expert investigators is guaranteed. We also employ the latest technological methods to protect your privacy at all times. All investigative actions will be carried out with the utmost discretion and our investigators endeavour to remain undetected in every undertaking.

You can trust MGM Investigations to get the job done with stealth, discretion and competence.

Debt Collection

Based in SA, but operating Australia wide, MGM Investigations provides professional debt collection services that can assist you in resolving your issues quickly.

MGM Investigations specialises in the collection of overdue accounts nationally. Our debt collection methods include

bad debt collection

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